Monday, December 3, 2012


A quote by Ayn Rand reads: "every man is free to rise as far as he's able or willing, but the degree to which he thinks determines the degree to which he'll rise.”

This quote to me means a lot for a couple of reasons. First, willpower will get me places but without training or expanding my mind the capacity of my will will always stay at the same level. Second, and what I think it's most important, is that i think willpower is one of the most powerful tools a man can ever have.. If its true willpower. Willpower can not be brought or mixed by retribution of the mind, or else it fails.

Retribution is when a man does something to correct a wrong doing in their life, thus fuels himself with negative thoughts that in turn might seem like willpower but its not. Willpower ends where the gun begins.

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