Monday, December 10, 2012


This is to you.. The one writing this.. Never forget who you were, are, and what you want to do.. You left home when you were 17 to prove that the world is there to be taken.. At 20, you rose above everyone to become a leader amongst the elite in the Marines.. At 24 you had it all and lost it all but you did not lose who you were.. At 28 not only did you lose it all again, you gained perspective in life.. At 30 you are training your butt off to prove the world once again that it will have to do a lot better to get rid of you.. In the next few years not only will you gain it all again, YOU WILL KNOW that all of it was was worth it.. Hang in there.. Your time is coming.. But not yet.. Your biggest fight approaches.. Look at it in the face and own it!!

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