Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the matter of forgetting

A big part of what makes me is my grandfather Mariano Ochoa.. The reason for that is that when I was growing up and way prior to my military experience, he was the only one in my family that actually would go out of his way to educate me and instill character in me.. He would tell me "tuck in your shirt" "speak proper" and "respect others".. He was a hero in my eyes. He lived a life the likes of the movie goodfellas.. He had a rough beginning but then joined the Mexican cavalry, where he was an enlisted men. He did not like guns, and did his talking with his fists as he was a golden gloves amateur boxer, and I remember him showing me his cavalry sword that seemed when I was younger bigger and heavier than myself. After his time in service he went to school where he seek a career as a news reporter. He made it out with honors and worked for one of the biggest news outlets in Mexico, even to this day. He drove the coolest cars, and knew
everyone that could call themselves somebody back in those days.

All this I found out from other people because he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a decade ago.

Now he lives in a hospice, where him and my grandmother basically spend most of their days together, but he does not remember her or anyone for that matter.

He is such an interesting man, yet without the ability to tell anyone anything it makes me sad, and it fuels me with rage sometimes.

At times I think.. What if God was diagnosed with Alzheimer's?? Why did it made such a sad disease? I don't know.. All I know is that if I ever just begin to remotely fall in my grandfathers shoes, I know I would make a difference in this world. For you CoCo!! I will not quit!! I swear..

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