Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the beggining (always starts with an end)

Growing up, and even to this day my mother tells me "for every cause there is always a consequence, so be wary of what you do because it could haunt you".  That advice lives in my head like a colony of working bees inside a hive, always buzzing and lingering around; There are times I hear loud mumbling with my mothers voice tone and exact infliction and even though those loud mumblings  can not translate to any specific words I know it means "warning!".  I have come to realize that those mumblings inside my head is my coincense telling me to think twice about decisions that can potentially affect my life, and as a moral compass to help me do the right thing.

Only if I could have realized that notion ten years earlier...

As I spill my brain for this first time, I stand "broken" by acceptable social norms, used up by selfish individuals, and mad at a world that is unfair and unjust...  All this at the very end of my young adulthood, ready to be free of my most inner thoughts...  The beggining of my adulthood approaches, the end of youth is here...  just like my mothers loud mumbling inside my head...  my story so far will NOT go down QUIET or UNHEARD.