Tuesday, July 3, 2012

S. S. S. S. (the storm is coming)

Patience, Respect, Honesty, and Trust respectively...  I have had my share of disappointing outcomes in each of those categories, but the ones that hurt the most is the disappointment other people has brought into my life.

To me, Love has been hard to define since no one ever told me "how to love"...  So in other words I had to find out just how cruel love can be before I could see whats what.

I know Im not perfect in any way, but I know that I have given love all I could have given so far, so im in peace with it.

People are driven by disappointment all the time, and I'm not one to break the mold.  The following is a poem I wrote about my relationships at one of my weak, mad and wild moments at the end of my last relationship.  This poem shows a side of me I never want to experience ever again.

S. S. S. S (the storm is coming)

"Take me, take me" is what I said,
in return I loved you until it hurt my head,
i didnt mind you under my skin,
I let the your bad parts in,
and made them my own skin.

You declared that our life was a test,
and that you would point out all of my mistakes,
if there really is a poor saint writing all of our sins,
he would take you down to hell first.

Good bye my love,
why are you running?
Is it because the judgement is coming?
As I stare down on top of the world,
just know that you were my storm...

The storm is coming,
Your storm is coming in.