Friday, December 21, 2012

Guns of the real patriots

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, or anyone printed on American bills did not have to raise a gun TO PROVE that they're American and that they're willing to fight for their country. They did it with guts, character, and intelligence.

All this talk about guns, it's ownership, and ridiculous catch 21 scenarios against the president we have elected as a nation in the eve of Christmas after a tragic act of violence against innocent lives just proves that we are scared, we have lost our pride in one another, and that this nation needs to wake up..

No one will ever take what's rightfully ours, if its truly ours.. Our self imposed right of taking everything for granted is making us weak and tearing us apart. It's not about guns, it's not even about being right or wrong.. It's about being there for one another.. As a son, daughter, siblings, father, mother, friend, and most importantly as an AMERICAN.

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