Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Thinking back..  One of the best leaders I have ever had in the Marines once told me a story..  A man rides in a train with three of his children.  He sits quietly looking in the distance.  The children play loudly and are jumping all over the place.  The rest of the people in the train look at the children and are bothered by the fact that the man is not doing anything to control his children. Finally, another man approaches the father and demands him to control his children.  The father responds "I am sorry if my children are bothering you..  Its just that they just lost their mother and I wanted them to experience something they had never experienced so I brought them to ride a train for the first time."

The story exemplifies the notion that NO ONE should judge anyone by their own paradigm (worldview or point of view).  Everyone is fighting a war.  Everyone deserves a chance to fight it.

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