Thursday, April 28, 2016

The opportunity of impossibility

Biathlon and Cross Country skiing saw me adapt, grow, and succeed in its field of competition.  To this day, both sports, especially biathlon, holds a special place in my mind and heart.

However, both sports, also left me motivationally depleted.  While competition and training was challenging, fun, and full of new experiences, the inner workings, rules, and overall culture of the sport was ultimately my downfall.

Imagine an athlete that has decided to make a sport his craft..  He sleeps, lives, and studies that sport, he rejects his possessions and moves to a new place with nothing but a dream of becoming the best..  His family thinks he's crazy, the people around him thinks he's weird, he sleeps on an air mattress, his bank low in funds, and with just enough food to make the same dinner everyday, he keeps going..

The only one that supported him.. His grandfather dies..  In a whirlwind of emotions he has the perfect race..  He is in.

He competes and gives his heart out at the biggest stage, this is the beginning of something great.. 

He keeps going and going..  The mental and physical stress catches up to him and he gets sick.. The saddest part of the story and unbeknownst to him comes with a click.. He asks to be believed in once again..  Not good enough..

In a world where belief is measured by how much money you are worth, stories like his are easily dismissed.

Without the opportunity to be great it is impossible to prove your worth..  

And so, He keeps going..  Finding opportunities..

Enter Triathlon..  And I keep going..

(Listening to "Cut the cord" by Shinedown)

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