Thursday, March 20, 2014

Across the world..

The Sochi Paralympics are over and I am a better man, athlete and human being because of it due to the perspective I have gained in all those aspects.

I am a better man because I have afforded my family the opportunity to be proud of me and serve as a role model as my grandfather did, to attest that no matter what happens in life, if a poor, fatherless, immigrant, down on his luck can reach this level of accolades then ANYONE can!

I am a better athlete because I have gained important experience to become better the next time around, I have created bonds with my teammates that will last long after our last competitions are past, and I have shown my coaches the kind of demeanor I have in order to help me become greater.

Most importantly in my opinion, I am a better human being because I was afforded to travel across the world and meet other people that are going through the same situations as all of us..  Wanting to live happily, wanting to love, wanting to belong, wanting to be great, and wanting nothing more than peace.  We should not live in a world where boarders and ideals set by other "people" and enforced by media and ignorance dictate the level of humanity we all have.  We all belong to the world, I am an American, proud to represent my nation, but I am even more proud to be human.

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  1. So proud of you! Although I've always thought you have been pretty awesome :) what you have done with the cards you've been dealt just shows there is nothing that can stop you from living your dreams! <3