Thursday, July 18, 2013

A month to remember

It's almost crazy to say, but it has been a month since I have been in the most northeastern side of the country training to become a great skier in Maine.

So far I have made very fundamental changes to my skiing technique and I have been feeling a better skier overall, however I am not as strong as I could be so I'm currently working on that.

My motivation and my mental health it's in an all time high.  I think being part of a team has helped me become a better person in so many ways.  The first obvious change is that now I can be part of something greater than just training like crazy and hope to make the Paralympics.  Being part of team has given me a chance to become a part of a community of people that are trying to do the same thing I'm doing and to see how they do it.  My motivation has improved because now I have a bunch of really cool kids around me that look up to me so I must always give them something to strive for and that is not giving up no matter what life throws at you.  I love it.

I have 3 months before I'll have to compete again..  I think being here will propel me to become what I want to be.. A great skier.. Can't wait

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