Thursday, June 27, 2013

Round two: Enter Maine

As the last season ended with three weeks of non stop racing from Wyoming all the way to California it was time for me to take a vacation and plan my next move.  I asked around to see where would be a good place to resume my training for the start of my second season  and get prepared for the possibility of going to Sochi, and in the mix Maine Winter Sports arose victoriously.

Why Maine?  There's many reasons but the main reason that made sense to me was the opportunity to belong somewhere in the Nordic world where all my questions can be answered and I could train without the question of "am I doing this right?", which last season I found myself asking many times.

Well, after literally a week worth of driving across the country I finally have arrived to this very new land that they call upper Maine.  I arrived and I was very welcomed by my new teammates to the famous farm house in Caribou, I put my stuff down in the room that they had recently painted prior to my arrival and I proceeded to feel comfortable.  The very next day I met all my new coaches and ran a very "hello!! Here's Training!!" 5k race in downtown Caribou.

Now it's been almost a week since I have been here and I'm still getting used to the mechanics of it all but I can already tell its going to be a very hard and fun summer, and I'm totally ready and excited for all of it.

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